Get Workers' Compensation
in Statesville, NC

Workers' Compensation in Statesville, NC

If you've been injured at work, North Carolina Law provides you with a method of recovery of having your medical expenses paid and for you being paid while you're out of work and for you being compensated for any permanent disability that you may suffer. If a loved one is killed while at work, workers compensation pays the family. Should you develop a disease or physical condition due to your exposure to a hazardous condition or chemical at work, workers compensation provides you benefits. You need someone working for you if you've been injured at work or have a disease caused by work. We have over 40 years of combined experience representing people in workers' compensation claims in Statesville, NC! We have appeared regularly before the North Carolina Industrial Commission which is the agency that hears workers compensation cases. The law can be complicated and you may miss benefits to which you are entitled.

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