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The role of training in protecting warehouse workers

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Working in a warehouse exposes people to unique risks in North Carolina. Careful mitigation of risks may prevent them from creating a dangerous reality for workers whose jobs require them to work near potential hazards.

Adequate training and education play a significant role in protecting warehouse employees. With a joint effort between employers and workers, people may seize the value and productivity they desire at work, without the looming threat of accidents or injuries that could compromise the integrity of both company and employee.

Making education insightful and fun

People respond much more positively to instruction that caters to their needs, is applicable to their situation and is insightful and fun. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration suggests the process of education is one that is gradual and requires consistent effort and contribution in order for it to be effective. Phases of training may include awareness training, instruction for how to report hazards or accidents, definitions of worker roles and contributions to safety programs, and ways that management can strengthen and optimize resources to provide better protection to their workforce.

The more that organizational leaders encourage the participation and insight of those impacted by various workplace risks, the more involvement and appreciation workers may have for the safety program. Education is more enjoyable and fun when it is applicable, relatable, shareable and accessible. Presenting statistics and providing options for different learning types may help leaders achieve the goal of developing insightful training resources.

Strengthening worker morale

Another way that employers can make a positive difference for their employees according to Aerotek, is for them to encourage their workers to get to know each other. Employees who are familiar with those they interact with may feel more comfortable encouraging each other to observe company-designated guidelines and protocols for achieving productivity without compromising safety.