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Getting divorced and protecting your career

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2021 | Divorce

Getting divorced can affect a great deal including your personal relationships, your financial stability and your career. Because your job plays a vital role in your ability to build a new future for yourself, you have to maintain focus at work. 

Understanding how to navigate the complexities of divorce without it affecting your career can help you to feel confident moving forward. 

Addressing divorce

As alone as you may feel, divorce affects a number of people. According to U.S. News, the divorce rate in New Jersey is approximately 6.3%. You probably know other people who have gone through similar experiences. However, refrain from confiding in the people you work with. Keep your work relationships professional. You may consider working with a therapist or finding a community support group to address your concerns, but seeking that type of help in the workplace can cause problems. 

You should prepare for coworkers to ask you about your divorce. You can create a brief synopsis of your situation without giving too many details. Refraining from oversharing will protect your reputation and help you to stay focused on your job responsibilities. 

Finding success

Your career may feel like one of the only stable parts of your life right now. One way you can preserve this stability is to avoid mixing divorce and work. Set aside a certain time each day to work on divorce-related communications. Avoid addressing such issues while you are at work. 

Focus on finding a healthy balance between working and taking care of yourself. Make time to do the things you enjoy between working and negotiating a divorce settlement. When you take care of yourself you can continue to perform your best at work and continue building a new and exciting future for yourself.