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Drowsy driving causes many serious traffic accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2022 | Firm News

If a drowsy driver collides with you on the road, you could suffer serious injuries and face other hardships following the crash. Many victims of drowsy driving accidents have a hard time with medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, emotional distress and the inability to keep working. Some drivers do not realize how dangerous drowsy driving is, and they fail to identify fatigue before getting behind the wheel.

Drivers should review statistics and risk factors associated with driver fatigue, and the victims of these accidents need to take a stand for their rights.

The consequences of drowsy driving

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that more drowsy driving accidents occur than official figures suggest. Although the NHTSA reported that almost 800 people lost their lives in drowsy driving collisions during 2017, the CDC reports that drowsy drivers could cause as many as 6,000 deadly traffic accidents every year. Moreover, even more people sustain serious injuries due to these accidents. NHTSA estimates from 2017 show that 50,000 people suffered injuries due to crashes caused by drowsy driving.

Drowsiness affects driving abilities in different ways

Behind the wheel, a drowsy driver is less likely to make the right decision and focus on the road, which could cause an accident. Drowsy drivers have a slower reaction time, which raises concerns if they encounter hazards. Sometimes, drivers fall asleep behind the wheel, which leads to many devastating accidents.

From working too long to not getting enough sleep and taking certain medications, drivers become drowsy for various reasons. If you are dealing with significant injuries after a drowsy driving accident, go over all of your options.