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Why do warehouse injuries happen?

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Figuring out how to stop warehouse accidents from happening requires learning about why they happen and what conditions may lead to them. There are multiple identified issues in warehouses that pose a safety risk, but knowing the risks is not enough.

According to Dalmec, it is essential to find ways to mitigate risks and to figure out why, despite safety measures, people still suffer injuries.

Common dangers

In a warehouse environment, machinery is a big hazard. Malfunctions and improper use can contribute significantly to injuries. Falling objects, slips and falls all can lead to serious injuries. Pallets also pose a risk when stacked as they can fall on workers. Then, there are injuries people may not always think about, such as heat stroke or ergonomic strain.

Common causes of injuries

Despite knowing the common risks, accidents are still prevalent. The common reasons why they still happen include tired workers and lack of proper equipment and training. Luckily, employers can fix these issues, but it requires addressing and accepting these problems exist.

Employer moves

Your employer has to take responsibility for ensuring a safe worksite and give you everything you need to work safely. Your employer needs to put safety training in place, ensure workers are not overworking by adequately staffing the warehouse and making sure all tools you need are available.

You can also make sure you address any concerns with your employer. If you feel the workspace is unsafe, make a report. You have the right to expect a safe workplace and demand your employer provide it to you.