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Should you opt for shared custody?

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2022 | Divorce

Going through divorce makes it hard to consider anyone else’s distress. However, as a parent, you always have an awareness of your child’s distress, and you always want to do what you can to help.

Some of the easiest ways to help involve custody options. Shared custody, for example, can provide a myriad of benefits for a child of divorce.

Coping and mental health

Psychology Today talks about the benefits of shared custody. Generally speaking, studies over the years show that children of custody often show several of the same traits that point toward an easier time handling the divorce.

For example, compared to children of sole custody, these children have fewer reported instances of anxiety, depression or trauma and stressor disorders. The cases that do get reported often have lower levels of severity, too.

These children also develop healthier coping mechanisms. They tend to lash out less often at their peers, get into trouble less frequently with authority figures, and develop fewer issues with addictions in their adult lives. They tend to have healthier relationships on a whole, too, especially with romantic partners.

Who can make it work?

Parents should consider opting for shared custody if they can feasibly make it work. For example, in a family where one parent faces allegations of abuse, shared custody may not serve as the best option.

However, if parents just end up arguing every now and then but can still behave in a civil way where it counts, this could be a good option. It might allow a child of divorce to enjoy a more healthy childhood, leading to a healthier adulthood.