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What are some symptoms caused by internal bleeding?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2023 | Personal Injury

A traumatic impact can cause physical injuries that are serious enough to require medical attention. However, you might decide to shake off an injury because there are no apparent signs of serious problems such as internal bleeding. Still, this does not mean you are in the clear.

Even moderate traumas can still damage your blood vessels and make you bleed inside. As WebMD explains, different symptoms could manifest in the following hours if the bleeding continues.

Swelling and pain

After a part of your body sustains an injury, the internal bleeding in that area of your body can create pain and possibly swelling. For example, if you suffer a blow to your abdomen, you will probably suffer pain in or around your stomach. Similarly, you could feel these symptoms along with tightening sensations if your legs get hurt.

Headaches and seizures

In addition to pain, internal bleeding in your head may result in seizures and unconsciousness. This could be particularly dangerous if no one is around to help you, or you happen to operate a car at the time you lose consciousness.

Purple colors on your skin

Additionally, you might observe a discoloration that you mistake for a bruise. Keep in mind that internal bleeding can cause a similar condition called ecchymosis. This is when blood that seeps into your soft tissues and skin manifests a purple area on your skin.

General feelings of weakness

Any kind of internal bleeding deprives your body systems of blood. At some point, you could feel light-headed and dizzy. If the bleeding does not stop, you could faint and possibly die from blood loss.

Given that internal bleeding is a life-threatening situation, you should seek medical help if you suspect a recent injury will cause you dangerous complications.