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Be aware of these common construction equipment injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Construction sites are busy places with a lot of heavy machinery and equipment. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, leading to injuries.

Understanding the common types of construction equipment injuries and how workers’ compensation can help is important for everyone on a job site.

Most common construction equipment injuries

Crush injuries occur when workers get caught between heavy machinery and walls, or between two pieces of equipment. This can cause severe physical harm, leading to broken bones, internal injuries or even death.

Struck-by injuries occur when a worker gets hit by a moving vehicle, equipment or falling object. For example, a worker might get struck by a swinging crane load or falling debris from above.

Caught-in injuries happen when a worker gets trapped in machinery. Loose clothing or long hair can get caught in moving parts, pulling the worker into the machine.

Electrocution injuries on construction sites often occur due to exposed wiring and electrical systems. Workers can suffer shocks or burns if they come into contact with live wires or equipment.

Workers’ compensation for construction injuries

In the event of an injury, workers’ compensation provides financial and medical support to the injured worker. This insurance covers medical bills, rehabilitation costs and a portion of lost wages. It ensures that workers do not suffer financially while recovering from their injuries.

Employers must provide a safe working environment and proper training to minimize accidents. You and other workers should report any unsafe conditions immediately. If injured, seek medical attention right away and report the injury to your supervisor. This starts the workers’ compensation process.

Construction sites are inherently hazardous places. By being aware of the dangers and educating yourself about workers’ compensation benefits, you will have greater peace of mind as you face the daily risks on your work site.