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Seeking better divorce outcomes through mediation

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2019 | Firm News

Every divorce is different. While some couples develop deep feelings of animosity that make communication impossible, in other cases divorcing partners want to maintain a relationship of mutual respect while going their separate ways. For couples who feel they can work together during the divorce process, mediation provides an alternative solution for dividing assets and deciding custody issues without going through litigation. 

During this type of process, each party retains individual counsel but also agrees to meet with a neutral mediator who acts as an adviser and guide. This approach allows each partner to reach a resolution that is workable and equitable to both while also providing for the future of the whole family. 

Making informed financial decisions for the future lists mediation as one of the top ways to minimize divorce costs. A mediated rather than litigated divorce may present other financial benefits as well. In addition to having the chance to negotiate directly with each other, during mediation couples may choose to consult a neutral financial adviser who can evaluate shared assets and provide informed guidance for a fair division of property. 

Preserving healthy family relationships 

Family law mediators have often trained specifically in divorce counseling and conflict resolution, which can be invaluable in keeping communication between separating partners healthy and productive. Mediators may also connect families with child specialists or other counseling coaches who may be able to provide additional support. 

Finding resolutions that work for your family 

Even if partners are amicable, when a divorce case goes to court, the law constrains the types of decisions a judge may make. By contrast, during mediation couples have the final say about how to divide financial and personal property, what type of custody arrangement works best, who will keep the house and other critical family decisions. 

While divorce is an ending in one sense, it is also the beginning of a new life for each partner and for the family as a whole. Mediation is a unique alternative to the traditional divorce process that may help couples to build the best new future possible.