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Mistakes to avoid if you get injured at work

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Being injured at work can be a distressing experience, both physically and emotionally. Amidst the chaos, it’s crucial to navigate the situation with care to protect your rights and ensure that you receive proper compensation.

Avoiding these common mistakes can significantly impact the outcome of any claims you may make in the wake of sustaining work-related harm.

Delaying medical attention

Seeking immediate medical attention is paramount after a workplace injury. Delaying treatment not only jeopardizes your health but also weakens your claim. Ensure that you seek medical help promptly, documenting all injuries and treatments for your records.

Failing to report the incident

Reporting the accident to your employer is a critical step in the process. Failure to do so promptly might hinder your ability to file a claim later. Notify your supervisor or HR department immediately, adhering to company protocols for incident reporting.

Not documenting the accident

Proper documentation is key to substantiating your claim. Take detailed notes of the accident scene, including witnesses, injuries sustained and any safety hazards present. Photographs and written statements can serve as valuable evidence to support your case.

Neglecting to file a workers’ compensation claim

Some employees assume their injuries aren’t severe enough to warrant a workers’ compensation claim, or they fear retaliation from their employer. However, virtually every workplace injury, regardless of its severity, entitles you to compensation, as long as you have workers’ comp coverage.

Accepting a settlement without legal counsel

Insurance companies may offer settlements quickly, hoping to minimize their payout. Accepting a settlement without consulting a workers’ compensation attorney can result in inadequate compensation for your injuries and future expenses. An experienced attorney can assess an offer’s fairness and negotiate on your behalf.