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Statistics on pedestrian accidents in North Carolina

Whether you occasionally walk near the road while getting exercise or you regularly walk to work, you should familiarize yourself with statistics on pedestrian accidents. Every year, pedestrians across North Carolina sustain serious injuries and even lose their lives after negligent drivers hit them.

Whether a driver operates a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drives too fast or fails to pay attention to the road because of distractions, drivers continue to hit pedestrians for various reasons and they must answer for the consequences of their actions.

Reviewing pedestrian injuries and deaths

The North Carolina Office of State Human Resources reports that 3,389 pedestrian accidents occurred in North Carolina during 2018. This represents a significant increase in comparison to 2009 when 2,429 pedestrian accidents occurred in the state. In 2018, pedestrian accidents caused 301 victims to suffer serious injuries and claimed the lives of 235 pedestrians.

In fact, pedestrian fatalities increased by 53% between 2009 and 2018, while other traffic accident fatalities went up by 2% during this time period.

Statistics on fatal pedestrian accident locations

According to data published by the OSHR, 35% of fatal pedestrian accidents take place on local streets, while roughly 25% occur on state highways. City streets often have more pedestrian traffic, but it is very important to look out for reckless drivers whenever you walk near the road.

If you are recovering from a pedestrian accident, you need to focus on your physical, mental and financial well-being in the wake of the accident. Look into potential resources that could help you recover from the accident.