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Staying safe on major roads

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The highways and freeways that connect the country’s towns and cities allow people to cover vast distances much quicker than if they were to take minor roads. While that is a major advantage, it can also inspire serious safety concerns.

The higher quantities of traffic on highways and freeways may leave you at the mercy of mistakes by more drivers, and if a crash were to occur, you would likely suffer more severe injuries because you are traveling at higher speeds than you would be on lesser routes. Remember, the force of an impact goes up with the speed – which is why residential areas have much lower speed limits. These are some particular hazards to watch out for on faster roads.

Vehicles to either side of you

When there is just one lane going in your direction, you know that anyone who wants to get past will have to pass on your left. If you are in the middle lane of a highway, you need to be aware of traffic to your left and right as well as ahead and in front of you. Some drivers weave from lane to lane, especially in traffic, ignoring the rule that you should only overtake on the left.


While a driver could become tired on any road, people driving on highways often travel further. They may have been on the road all day but keep pushing on without adequate rest because they still have a long way to go. This can lead to delayed reactions, poor decisions and even drifting off at the wheel – all of which make a crash more likely.

Debris on the road

Highways can often accumulate debris, such as a truck tire that blew out or an item a driver had failed to secure to their roof properly. A driver might not spot debris until the last second and run straight into it or hit another vehicle as they try to steer around it.

Highway injuries can often be catastrophic, so learning how to claim compensation can be crucial for injury victims. Seeking legal guidance is, therefore, wise under such circumstances.