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How can hearing loss happen due to an injury at work?

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

In the bustling world of work, the potential for hearing loss looms. Employees across various industries may find themselves facing the risk of impaired hearing due to workplace injuries.

Understanding how these incidents can lead to hearing loss is important.

Exposure to loud noises

One of the primary culprits behind work-related hearing loss is a lot of exposure to loud noise. Industries such as construction, manufacturing and transportation are notorious for generating high levels of noise. Without adequate protection from those in charge, employees may find themselves gradually losing their ability to hear, often without realizing the damage until it is too late.

Accidents and trauma

Workplace accidents, such as falls or collisions, can lead to sudden and severe trauma. A blow to the head or exposure to explosive sounds can damage the ear structures, resulting in immediate hearing impairment.

Some of them may even be on purpose, with 37,060 non-lethal injuries happening in America in 2020 due to an intentional action by an individual. It is important for employers to protect individuals against the life-altering consequences of sudden trauma.

Chemical exposure

Certain work environments have hazardous chemicals that can hurt hearing. Long periods of contact with these substances can lead to damage to the auditory nerves. Employers must ensure that workers have the right protective gear to shield them.

Understanding the potential sources of workplace-related hearing loss is important for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. Those in charge need to contribute to preserving the invaluable gift of hearing for their workforce.